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Admin Jones and the Redbrick Mail Stack

published on
author: m1cr0man
Upgrading the Redbrick Mail Stack Redbrick has offered users a mail service for almost as long as we have existed. From our best records, our first mail server was set up between 1998 and 1999, back when the Bulletin Board System was our most valued service and people signed up in droves to message their mates. Nowadays, young brickies will probably need to Google what BBS is, but they definitely know about email. Read More...

Paying the Debt: MySQL 5.5 to 8.0

published on
author: m1cr0man
Paying the Debt: Upgrading MySQL 5.5 to Percona 8.0 It cannot be denied that Redbrick’s services have been a bit wonky recently. Our uptime has been all over the place and our systems have been crumbling. As much as we would love to blame this on our hardware, this is not the case. RB’s tech stack has been a spaghetti monster for quite some time, having multiple appendages added to it over the years. Read More...

NFS Out Of Sync: Apache Outage

published on
author: greenday
Redbrick Web Server Outage 07/12/2018 - 08/12/2018 Alert Recieved A raintank alert was recieved @ 23:38 to inform that the website was down A customer informed the site was down @ 00:38 Alert Validation Exploration to the site revealed that there was in fact an apache error The error was a 403 that apache couldn’t read the files And interesting not is that the webserver could also not read the custom redbrick error page, another hint that this was bigger than just one folder Fix Error logs were investigated Read More...

Accidental updates

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author: butlerx
Why you need to lock versions The Preamble Redbrick runs a service called HackMD. It is web-based markdown editor. At the start of the year HackMD version one came out and in early February we decided to update it. Unlike most updates in Redbrick, this isn’t really a big thing as it runs inside Docker container, with its only external dependency being PostgreSQL 9. We don’t actually have a central a central PostgreSQL database in Redbrick, a problem for another day, just a MySQL. Read More...

EGM Results

published on
author: winesnob
Dear Redbrick members, Redbrick would like to introduce our new committee members along with the old ones… and wish them good luck. Chairperson: Terry Bolt (tbolt) Secretary: Chris Dowling (winesnob) Treasurer: Ciara Godwin (hexagon) Public Relations Officer: Josh Malone (sangreal) Events Officer: James Mc Dermott (mctastic) System Administrator: Alex Mcgrath Kraak (akraak) System Administrator: Cormac Smartt (pints) System Administrator: Tom Doyle (greenday) Webmaster: Ben McMahon (mcmahon) Helpdesk: Nevan Oman Crowe (branch) Helpdesk: Cliodhna Harrison (thegirl) First Year Liason Officer: Anthony Doran (albino)


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